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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Sooooo Soooorrrry Day 12-20 All in One

I'm sooooooo sooorrrrryyyyy!!!
I know I am soooo far behind on my origami page but last week I was away for a work trip that took me up to Iqaluit Nunavut where I might add it was the coldest temp in almost a decade (-56 Celsius)!!!!! EEEEEKKKKK! I started to blog on my trip as the balloon was made while I was away, but unfortunately it did not survive the suitcase travel and so I decided to hold off on origami until I returned home. Plus posting on the Internet up north is not easy or fast...or particularly fun!

So - not to worry though. I still made origami and they are up in my cubicle my co-workers can attest to this. It has just taken me some nerve to get up and post allll these missing origami. So to make this a little easier to get back on track I'm going to post all of my missing origami on this one blog page and then start normal again tomorrow.

So..... here goes DAY 12-20!


I decided that I was going to work out one specific book that I had taken with me on the trip (see the intentions were there!!) It had a section of about 5 different types of boats so I thought I would work through them first. So first came the cute little sail boat. Not too difficult at all although a little concentration at looking at the photo ahead to see what I was supposed to be doing...but I really like him he's super cute and looks exactly as a boat!! So safe to say that I was totally on the boat wagon after day 12!

DAY 13: The Japanese Fishing Boat of Doom!

So I don't know if you can see in this picture well but this is the sadest boat EVER and wouldn't float on land! This poor boat is ripped, dented and deformed. The instructions told me I had to fold inside out the whole shape that I had made which did not go over well and somewhere down the line I must have made a mistake so I will have to keep trying....but seriously this is such a sad little dingy. But I'm an honest girl and so you have it....the Japanese Fishing Boat of Doom!

Day 14: Simple and Square

So after the whole Japanese fishing boat thing I totally gave up on the boat pages as they only got more complex as the pages turned.....so where did I go....back to the basics....boxes. Actually I've always wanted to learn to make boxes. Now I have somewhere to keep my copious amount of paper clips, candies...and maybe some more paper clips. So I started with the basic square box but used some of my nicer paper to add a nice decor to it. Very easy overall but it is a rather abstract item that gives instructions to "feel where the creases fold and find the spots where they fold most naturally" ummmm I"m not a paper whisperer.....it took me like 15 minutes of "feeling" the paper before I finally got it to fold the way I wanted it to. HA! Even the box seems to challenge me these days!

Day 15: The Star Box!

This box was so cool looking and was by far the easiest box to make of the three that I made. I think it's definitely more interesting than the other ones and ironically the easiest to make. I even got compliments on it from cubicle passer bys. Well then, only the highest quality of candy for this special box!

Day 16: The Box with a Lid

This box was fairly easy as well but also took me a little longer staring at the picture ahead trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. I know the diagrams are supposed to be short and sweet but sometimes their verbal directions are too short and too sweet making the learner feel inadequate that they can't even figure out how to make a six fold paper box with flaps! Ughghhg...either way I was happy with it overall and it was a good end to my box obsession...for now.

Day 17: The Trojan Horse

So just to veer from boring trends for the whole week I went online and tried to find something interesting to make. I found a horse that looked quite fun and wasn't too difficult at all. Actually he looks pretty cool and was one of the easier animals that I have made thus far. I really like making animals maybe because they look like something familiar and not so abstract and cold. I can't wait until the end though when I can see what kind of Noah's arc I've created out of animals...except I can't make the same origami twice so they may not necessarily have mates.....kind of the Noah's arc with no potential.

Day 18: The Star

Today I kept it simple and used my origami calendar at work. I made a cute little star which was definitely one of the easiest things I've ever made and only have four folds. SWEET! I love things that look cool and were super easy!!! Maybe tomorrow I'll try a 3-D star if I'm feeling up to it!

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