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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 9: The Paper Swan

Take That Penguin....we're back on track

So day 9 of the blog and day 4 of animal week. Again, longing to work out of my super advanced animal book but feeling inadequate at this point, especially after such a disappointing penguin yesterday I went back to the origami calendar. Again, as per usual searching through for something interesting as today's origami was a bench. Yes, that's right my friends a bench. Did I mention yesterday it was a cupboard door. HAHAHAH seriously take a square piece of paper, and fold it to make two door flaps....and presto.....you are an origami master! Long story short, my cute little swan is made of the directions for the cupboard door....hahahha sucker.

Anyways, the swan is cute and very easy to do again. But for some reason I really really love making birds out of paper they seem satisfying to me and always look nice and pleasing to the eye. And I'm pretty sure you can tell it's a swan too.....well maybe a duck.

Anyways, I'm happy with today's swan and happy that animal week is almost at an end because the next time I have an animal week it will be because I'm awsome enough to use my advanced animal origami book.


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