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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Awsome and Wicked Spider

So Day 21: The Spider.....

Sorry I have no photos right now but the camera is MIA - I think I might have left it at work so photos will be posted soon I promise.

Regardless, I just made three out of the four days origami that are totally awesome and are for sure my favorite three. The spider which looks amazing was actually really really easy. I used my special and pretty paper to add some effect for the animals this week and it totally worked. I got all four of the animals from Monday - Thursday from the website http://www.origami-instructions.com/. They have great beginner origami but also some really neat looking ones like the spider that weren't overly difficult.

I spent the first two days this week working on a stupid pinwheel that never worked - I was never so frustrated!!! So I gave up and went back to the basics and was pleasantly surprised by the website and their friendly diagrams for the most part.

SO welcome spooky but awesome and wicked spider.....I am overly impressed with myself this week.

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