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Monday, January 04, 2010

It begins: The Classic Paper Crane

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first day of the Office Origami Challenge!!

You wouldn't believe how excited I am about this, but also how rediculously nervous I am about being able to carry this through for a whole year. This is 52 weeks of continuous focus while still maintaining a job, writing my masters thesis and as of Christmas Eve...planning my wedding for September 2010 (Yay)!

So, how many origami am I actually going to make? Well, 52 weeks a year with one origami for each work day of the week is equal to 52 x 5 = 260 origami in 365 days. I chose not to include the weekends as even I need some days off to have a life outside of paper folding - and well....it does say OFFICE origami...so only work days count, so.......

DAY 1: Classic Paper Crane

In light of my history with the crane and my loving connection to it, it was inevitable that the paper crane would be my introduction into the office origami challenge.

There are many stories behind the significance of the paper crane - it has been said that giving 1000 paper cranes at a wedding is used to wish 1000 years of prosperity and happiness on the newly wed couple. It is said that cranes mate for life and are a symbol for eternal love and companionship. What a thought eh? 1000 cranes as a wedding gift.....this could truly be tempting forget shopping off a wedding registry....just fold them cranes instead.

The paper crane is welcomed with ease and confidence into the office origami challenge. It is here to lead the way and remind me that even something as complex looking as a crane can be mastered and replicated thousands of times over. Perhaps there will be 1000 cranes on my own wedding day - what a treat that would be!

I chose to use some of my really nice origami paper to start the challenge as I new I wouldn't ruin it with the crane. The following weeks will consist of much more basic origiami as I learn the beginner folds and master the basic techniques. I hope by the end of the year I can make beautiful and majestic origaimi pieces, but for now - they may be a little abstract but it's all about the learning process.

On top of this I hope to show you the different books and websites that I am using for my origami. I hope to give the opinion of a origami begninng on how these books and websites effectively teach origami and the user friendliness of relaying techniques and enhancing one's ability. By the end, we should have one great origami library that will help us move from beginning to paper folding master.

See you tomorrow......witht the hoping paper frog!


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  1. Thank you for the paper crane history. I had thought I knew what it symbolized and as it would turn out, I was wrong!! Looking forward to seeing more and more!!!