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Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Don't Follow the Rules and You Can't Stop Me!

Day 4: The Lilly

So day four is here. Almost the end of my first week. I bought one of those calendars where each day is a different origami and you use that sheet to make it as it has a pretty pattern on the back for each day. Peeking through it and looking in advance I happened to come across the lilly and really liked it. It isn't actually meant to be made until April 13th but...this is my blog and I make the rules so I skipped ahead and made it anyways. So HA!

It took me a little while and some serious concentration but I did do it and I did it on my first attempt which I was more than pleased about. I still need to make a stem for it but that's okay - it will come.

Perhaps it was a little more tedious because it was meant to be done in April once the origami basics have become somewhat mastered but I proved their little methodological process wrong!

Anyways, tomorrow I"m going to do the tuplip that comes from the webpage www.origami-fun.com. It actually has a few flowers I would like to do so I may stick with their page and do a whole week of flowers...but we'll see how distracted I get.

Welcome Lilly!!!


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