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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 10: The Seal

Day 10: Goodbye and good riddance for now - animal week.

So my apologies for the last posting of the final animal origami for week number two. My intentions were there and I swear on my dedication to this blog that the seal was made late on Friday night. But my camera was nowhere to be found and thus I had no way of posting the picture to the blog. Now, I could have tried to use my phone camera but here's the deal - I'm still in the dark ages and my phone doesn't have a camera on it - which I am thankful for.

Regardless, the seal was quite cute no? I really like his little whiskers. I think he does a good job at being a basic version of a seal - simplistic but you can tell what it is. Although his head was challenging and I had to fold and refold a couple of times to get it. I find that looking ahead to the next diagram really helps you figure out what you are supposed to be doing on the current fold.

I can't wait until a couple more months when I attempt another animal week and am able to do more lifelike animals that actually resemble their real life forms. But for now I am satisfied for my attempt (minus the pathetic penguin) but am happy to see it go so I can return back to the basics as this week has taught me more than anything that you really need to master the basics before jumping ahead.

So next week - flashbacks to the 80's - I'm going back to the basics. To where it all began - to a time of simplicity - tights and leg warmers - not sheep skin boots and merino wool socks.

See you next week - don't forget you stirrup pants.


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