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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An apprehensive welcome to the anti-dog sled

Day 3: The Anti-Dog Sled

So - this sled was created out of frustration from a not-so-great experience out on the NCC Gatineau trails on New Years Day with some friends and my gorgeous super dog "Jack".

This is Jack - Nova Scotia Duck Toller

We decided to ring in the new year with an early morning cross country ski through the Gatineau trails with our dog Jack. Now, Jack is a new dog for us - only a few months now but was a stud dog along with professional showing and hunting ducks. So essentially he was perfectly trained when we received him. So deciding to see how awsome he was at running for long periods of time we decided to take him on the trail with us. Unfortunately, we had no idea that dogs were not allowed on the NCC trails because the "ruin the tracks" and "scare people"...ummm hello have you seen my dog? Anyways - simply put we were super dissapointed as he was a stellar ski companion always staying with the slowest skier (who happened to be me) - a "leave man behind" kind of mentality.

Yet somehow, even though dogs are not allowed on trails some guy can tow a giant sled with his two children in it behind him right over the classic ski tracks whiping them out behind him as he goes.....ummmm.....well.....I say that is totally not fair. Wonderufl cute-as-a-button Jack leaves less trace of his presence then a giant sled with children in it. But I suppose I see their point - but it doesn't mean I have to agree with them. Even one dog friendly trail would be nice for us to have.

So - long story short. We have to find a new place to run Jack and I decided to dedicate this day to the origami sled - or as I have renamed it; the "anti-dog sled".
Super easy origami with only a few folds, crisp and clean looking (unlike the aftermath of a real life one on the tracks). I apologise for my synicism in this post but seriously - who hates dogs? Who hates Jack? Looks like we're going to have to find a new place to play.

Despite the sour expereince, I welcome the "anti-dog sled" to the origami family and wish it a better relationship with me than its real life companion.


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