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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ominous Standing Crane

Day 7: The Standing Paper Crane

So day 2 of my animal origami week. Wow, the standing paper crane - nothing like the traditional paper crane that I learned to make a many years ago. This guy is serious and he looks serious when he's done too. He reminds me of a wise old man that you must be delicate with and respectful of the entire time. I could not imagine what would happen if you ripped a piece of him by accident.

I love this guy - by far my favorite. He to me, looks full on origami. He is what I would have imagined all my origami to look like. Sophisticated, elegant, complicated and traditional in a wise old way. He took a lonnnngggg time for me to figure out and I want to make a few more to get him perfect. He is by no means an easy or beginner origami - at least in my standards. I would consider him moderate for normal people and advanced for someone like me who really jumped into this with no background or understanding or ...I don't know more than 7 days of practice.

But regardless, this guy is the best and I love him the most. He will sit in a place of honour in my cubicle.....not sure where there is such a place but I will find it.

Welcome ominous standing crane - you have my full attention and respect.


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  1. Someone's falling behind! You didn't sprain your folding fingers, did you? Get to work! :)