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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 8: The Pathetic Penguin

Look at the poor thing....

First I would like to officially apologize for the missing blog entry for yesterday. My plan was to post the blog once I got home after work later in the evening after I played my soccer game. But as the fates would have it we would finish the night with our first team win (whohoo) but me in a crumpled ball of Kirby at in front of the net with a yucky swollen ankle that is quickly turning purple today. So, by the time I drove myself home (which in a standard with a useless ankle is hard) the blog had completely left my mind as what then became my priority was trying to suck out as much sympathy from my fiance as I could :)

So I would like to thank Krista for pointing out that my fingers aren't broke so that is no excuse and for my mother who constantly leaves me emails wondering why I haven't posted my blog for the day before lunch is even past....

So today, I have two blogs to post. So I would like you to know that the penguin was already made but the post was not put up so technically the best is still on.

So today's origami was the penguin. I picked him out of my calendar because he seemed simple for the day and the drawing of the penguin looked cute. But as you can see from the pictures - this is the lamest origami ever! Really? The penguin too four folds and when it was done I couldn't even really tell what it was. I had to draw two eyeballs on it just so people would recognize that it was supposed some kind of animal and not a salt shaker.

Anyways, seriously disappointed with this one and kind of embarrassed to have him in my cubicle. But the good news is my special origami book for animals that is far too advanced for me at this point has a really cool penguin in it. So the time will come for pathetic paper penguin to meet his match so he better enjoy his time while he has it.

Tomorrow, hopefully a little something more sophisticated.



  1. HAHA! My son is doing a blog about this calendar. Glad we found your blog. He'll like it. We thought it was pretty cool... but he's 8. So... yeah. ;)

  2. When I said he thought "it" was cool - I meant the penguin... and he just checked out your blog... we both love it. Hope you keep it up! =)

  3. Happy to help! I'll be here to make sure you stay in line! hha

  4. Thanks guys! Sorry I'm a little behind....I'm up in Iqaluit right now and internet is super slow so I'm gonna catch up for this week over the weekend.