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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 11: The Balloon Box

Back to the Basics Are Not so Basic

Wow - that' all that I can say for today. This is ridiculous. I went to my new origami book called "classic origami" by Michael G. LaFosse. I like this book as it comes with paper and very simplistic traditional abstract origami - very beginner, very basic.

SO where do I start? The classic balloon. I chose it because you get to blow into the opening and voila! You flattened folded paper becomes a magical and beautiful balloon! Yet, when I try to go ahead and blow into it......well....it doesn't really fill up or it does and then instantly deflates. I try to fill it a couple times to no avail. By the time I am done the opening is wet and soggy and almost ripping and my balloon is dented in areas and not so awsome.

How depressing is this? A simple classic and basic balloon and all I did was drool on it till it started to fall apart. Geesh. Regardless this is a documentation of all my attempts and this cube is the best hat I could garner out of myself tonight. So here it is, don't laugh at me and please don't give up on me - I will get better.

Tomorrow...is there anything easier than this?.....well just check out tomorrow and hopefully I will have redeemed myself in some way.


1 comment:

  1. Balloon, eh? Maybe you should make it carnival week? Or birthday week?

    Will there always be a theme?