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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hop on in Mr. Kangaroo

Day 6: Paper Kangaroo

So it is the beginning of another week and if I do recall at the end of last I said that perhaps I would do an entire week of flowers. But if you know me, distraction is easy and I ended up playing around with animal origami instead. So....I officially name this week - week of the origami animal!

So to start off the week, I decided to go right into it with a much higher level of difficulty - to see if I could really handle something challenging. I found a really great diagram for a cute little kangaroo from my origami calendar - again skipping ahead several months. Anyways, I have to say he was quite difficult and took several refolds for me to get just right. He also required the use of scissors which I was not sure at first if that is considered true origami practice. But, looking at many of the books and websites I have saved on origami, quite a few of them require the use of scissors at some point in the creation. So, I'm going to consider scissors an important - not an essential - but an important addition to the origami supply box.

So welcome to the first day of animal origami week which is heralded by the cute little Mr. Kangaroo - perhaps by the end of the year I'll be good enough to make one with a mommy with a joey in her pouch as well to join our lonely bachelor :)

Welcome Mr. (single) Kangaroo!!


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